«Navoiy» romani ingliz tilida

I this novel Oybek depicts Alisher Navoi’s way of life, social life and complicated political events of that time. He writes the following about creation of this novel in his autobiography: «The image of Navoi showed itself in many classical poems of mine and, at last, I finished writing the novel «Navoi» in 1942″. This work has been published in 1944 after different kinds of discussions.

The novel is translated with the aim to provide a unique opportunity for the English speaking readers to get acquainted with the works of famous Uzbek writers and poets as well as for the students who are eager to enhance their understanding and knowledge by comprehending rare works of their ancestors. We hope that all the members of world community will have a chance to admire the cultural heritage of great statesman of Uzbek people.

Translators: I.M. Tukhtasinov, O.M. Muminov

Editor-in-Chief: A.A. Khamidov

Editors: Christine Smart U.R. Yoldoshev, Kh.I. Yuldashev